YELLOW (11+)

It's my first time!

Our event hosts and referees will demonstrate the rules in a fun and elaborate way before the event starts.


We guarantee a minimum of 2 matches in each event. A best of 3 set Fast4 will be played, with the third set being a Match Tie-Break to 10.. 


  • First to Four Games wins the set

  • If 3 games all, a tiebreak to 7 will be played (2 point advantage)

  • Normal Let Rule

  • Short Deuce

  • If 1 set all, a Match tiebreak to 10 will be played (2 point advantage)


The finalists will be rewarded with a trophy!

Late Entry

Parental Advisory Service

Coming soon. 


Players will receive 5 minutes of warm-up time before their matches.


FAQs can be found here. 

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How To Enter

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  2. Enter the event via the LTA portal

  3. Pay online & get ready to play!

20 Dec


London & South East County Tour - Will to Win - Chiswick - 16U Boys & Girls

Closing Deadline: 8th December


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