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Orange scoring a match

Orange scoring a match

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It's my first time!

That’s okay! Just let the referee know and they’ll be able to answer any questions you have


We use orange balls - these are low compression balls which allow the player more time on court.


We guarantee a minimum of 4 matches in each mini orange tournament. Tie break points will be played up to 10.


Every child will receive a certificate participating & we also have sportsmanship awards encouraging fair play!

Late Entry

No worries! If you’ve missed the closing deadline, just click here and you can apply for late entry.

Players will need to score themselves’

Players will be asked to score their own matches. The referee will be present to answer any questions when on court.


You will play a tiebreak to 10, deciding point at 9-9. Watch our fun video above before your tournament.


Please see our FAQs section here.

How To Enter

  1. Click on the event you want to enter

  2. Enter the event via the LTA portal

  3. Pay online & get ready to play!

Remember it's first come first served!

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