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Missed the boat?

2. We'll be in contact within 24 hours.

3. See you soon!

1. Complete the form below.

Late Entry Request Form

Please carefully select the event you wish to enter from the drop-down menu. If the said event is NOT there, this means we are not accepting entries at this moment for the tournament. Please note, it is UNLIKELY we will take your late entries after 8 pm the Wednesday before an event. You will be responded to within 24 hours of the event.

Thanks for submitting!


I confirm that I agree with Tournament T&Cs of entry as stated on the event on the LTA Website. 

On submitting this form:

  • I confirm that the information provided above is completely accurate.

  • I agree with the Tournament T&Cs (which are stated on the LTA event)

  • I agree to be officially entered into the tournament. 

  • I am committed to the event.

  • I understand if I am accepted and do not take the place I would be eligible for LTA withdrawal points. 

  • I understand payment will be required on confirmation of acceptance and unless the event is cancelled, I will not receive a refund if I withdraw 

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