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Increase your membership?

Decrease your admin time?

Increase your 1-2-1s?

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Eliminate wasted time, frustration and unnecessary stress of building up your tennis centre through our proven results-orientated strategies. Eradicate spending so much time on administration, create an income without having to be there and maximise your profitability. 

Our team has a combination of over 90 years of experience of running tennis academies, sports centres and monetising other areas of the tennis industry. With a background of independent clubs to commercial chains, we understand about adapting to different demands, responsibilities and roles from each venue. 

Our mission is to increase participation in a sustainable and fun way. Together, we will deep dive into your business and make sure you gain back your time, confidence and profitability from your company. Get in touch, get involved and recharge your spark!




For those who’d like to outsource their marketing 

Phone call coaching

For tennis clubs who want to scale up or step out.

Consultancy for start ups

For those who are in their early stages of starting up

Phone call coaching

For those looking for an answer to one or two major challenges. 

Sabrina systemised the business. Now processes happen automatically and I've gained my time back rather than being bogged in admin. 

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Strategic Planning 

  • Planning & Structure

  • Clarifying company aims & objectives 

  • Adapting to your microeconomy

  • Analysing your local market

  • Internal analysis in your company

  • Implementation

  • Evaluation

  • Longevity 



  • Profit & Loss Account 

  • Analysing cash flow 

  • Financial reporting 

  • Interpretations of accounts

  • Preventing emerging issues

  • Cost and management accounting 

  • Allocation of costs & processes

  • Creating cost efficiencies 

  • Budgeting & Forecasting 

  • Investment decisions 


  • Identifying marketing opportunities 

  • Understand your customers

  • Creating your customer journey 

  • Identifying & forecasting market opportunities

  • Understanding buying behaviour 

  • Product & pricing decisions

  • Integrated promotion decisions 

  • Digital marketing decision 

  • Organising & planning for effective implementation 

  • Measuring & delivering performance

Project Management 


  • Individuals and team issues.

  • Project risk management.

  • Project management.

  • Organisational structures and standards.

  • Project time planning and control.

  • Project cost planning and control.

  • Project quality management.


  • Basics of organisational behaviour related to management.

  • Stress and well-being at work.

  • Contemporary theories of motivation.

  • Organisational control and reward systems.

  • Job design and employee reactions to work.

  • Workgroup dynamics and group-based problem solving.

  • Influence processes in organisations: power, politics, leadership.

  • Organisational design and new service-driven organisations.

  • Managing transitions: organisational culture and change.