Welcome to Active Dragons!

Active Dragons holds residential and non-residential entrepreneurial courses & camps, focusing on the 4Cs.

Launching in January 2020, sign up here for venue and date releases, as well as courses updates.


Our Ethos

At Active Dragons we want to create the next successful leaders of the 21st century.
We want to give learners the ability to be free thinkers, to innovative and inspire and to take control of their own life. We want to build their self-esteem, self-assurance and build on their internal locus of control. Webelieve in inspiring the love of learning.

Mini Dragons

8-12 years

Our Mini Dragons Program consists of a morning business lesson each day, with a task for the children to complete as individuals. This can include a variety of different activities including, designing a new toy, creating a business service or designing a product to help a cause they are passionate about. At the end of each task, each child with havethe opportunity to pitch their idea to the rest of the group (which can be filmed and sent to parents as well).


After lunch, the kids will take part in a sporting activity of their choice such as tennis, football or hockey, where they will have the chance to unwind from all the hard work they did previously.



Through the course of the week, the children will be continuously collecting our five dragons as a form of badges to put on their sash which they can treasure forever. Our five dragons represent five qualities we consider essential for success; Leadership, Teamwork, Empathy, Imagination and Risk Taking. 


12-17 years


Our Dragons Program consists of an intense Business and Leadership regimen, with new tasks and skills learnt each day.  This will be offered in the form of a residential holiday camp in one of the best universities in London.

We will be teaching students how to think like business men and women. Entrepreneurial traits are there, they just need to be found. Through exciting tasks such as product creation, elevator pitching and the online digital world, students will be able to open up their mind to the different possibilities that life throws at us. 

Students will receive credentials, references and gain exposure to a real life university experience and accommodation.